Signal Brewing Co. Open at Last!

Richard Courneyea  has been a prominent Belleville, Ontario business man for years. It used to be a treat to stop in his Richard Davis men’s wear store on Front Street  just to see him dressed as if he’d walked out of GQ magazine.  But for the last few years he has been dreaming about getting out of the clothing business and reopening the old Corbyville Distillery site.  The long term goal was a craft distillery but he would start with a craft brewery.

Richard Courneyea

Delighted owner Richard Courneyea

Two years of road construction on Front Street in downtown Belleville was the incentive he needed to shift gears and follow his dream. Today, I saw Belleville’s formerly best dressed man in cargo shorts, a beer shirt and far more gray hairs than when I saw him last, but he was glowing with happiness. His craft brewery opened July 23 and a week later his patio has been full of customers drinking in the beer, the ambiance and the view with equal relish. Continue reading


Maple Madness at Prince Edward County Wineries

Tasting Marqueza port with maple chocolate shots at Harwood Estates.

Tasting Marqueza port with maple chocolate shots at Harwood Estates.

There are thirty wineries in Prince Edward County Ontario and during Maple Madness, 17 of them had interesting gourmet wine pairing events. How did people choose where to go?The wine connoisseurs would probably have headed for Norman Hardie. Norm was offering maple cured smoked salmon gravlox with his 2009 Pinots and Chardonnays or Closson Chase who were pairing Chard and Pinot with mini maple cured ham and cheese sandwiches. Rosehall Run could also have been part of that tour offering mini grilled maple cheese, caramelized onion and apples paired with their Chardonnay.

The traditionalist wine tourists would have gone for the most well known county wineries, whose wines are available through the LCBO with a variety of price options. They might have started at Continue reading

Welcome to The Wine Tourist

Veronica Leonard

Veronica Leonard

I am passionate about wine touring. I love meeting the vintners, the winemakers and the viticulturists who make it all happen. I love the green rows of ripening grapes and the cool tranquility of the barrel cellar where wood and wine languidly embrace. Most of all, I love the wine tasting, selecting wines that appeal to my tastes and bringing them home to cellar and pair with the right time, food and company.

I’m also interested in Canadian craft cider, craft beer and craft distilleries.

I’m not a critic or a wine connoisseur. I’m a tourist, like you, learning as I go. Come tour with me.