#ACWS2017 – Expect Greatness

Been there done that, tasted a whole lot of wine.

The Atlantic Wine Symposium 2017 runs from Sunday June 11-13 at the Westin Nova Scotian in Halifax, It includes wine tastings  winery tours, updates on the state of the wine industry in Atlantic Canada and workshops on new trends and wine making.

I had a foretaste of what was in store during my two day stay at  the beautiful Blomidon Inn in Wolfville when I managed seven winery visits with my husband Colin,who is my photographer and designated driver. For the record the 2016 vintage wines are sensational.

me sniffing 2 TB

So many Tidal Bays, so little time

Since my last visit four years ago, there have been major changes. All the wineries are expanding their number of fields under cultivation and their winery facilities. While their popular hybrids like L’Acadie, Muscat, Ortega, Luci Kuhlmann, and others continue to be the backbone of the industry, more European vinifera are also being planted. Most wineries have set aside an acre or two for experimentation with new vines.

Nova Scotia’s short growing season and the acidic soils of post glacial tilth and sandy clay loam have also proven to be ideal for the production of traditional method and charmat sparkling wine. All of the wineries, I visited have one or more sparkling wines in their portfolio.

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Wine of the Week – Week 1 – l’Acadie Prestige Brut

Throughout 2014, I will be featuring one wine each week from wineries i’ve toured and sharing what makes the winery unique and this wine worth trying. To officially launch my Wine of the Week blogs, I am popping open my favourite bubbly.

L'Acadie Prestige Brut 2007

The wine:  L’Acadie Prestige Brut 2007
A traditional method sparkling wine from l’Acadie grapes, a hybrid varietal that excels in Nova Scotia.
The winery: L’Acadie Vineyards
A certified organic vineyard started in 2004 in Gaspereau Valley, Nova Scotia.
The owner / winemaker: Bruce Ewert
A veteran winemaker with over 25 years of winemaking experience  in California, Australia, Ontario, British Columbia and Nova Scotia. Former head winemaker at BC’s Summer Pyramid specializing in organic sparkling wine. Continue reading