Stanners and Waupoos win Double Gold #ACWC


Stanners Vineyard

The first time I visited Stanners Vineyard in 2012, I was told they specialized in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Almost every Prince Edward County winery I visited that year were doing the same two wines. How do you compete I wondered, when all 30 of the other wineries in the region were featuring the same two wines.

Father and son team, Cliff and Colin Stanners have diversified a little  over the years with one of the best County Pinot Gris which is only made in small batches, a Riesling and a Cabernet Franc, but the focus and the love has been on the Pinot Noir and this year they are getting national and international recognition for that dedication.

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Spring Wines / Bay of Quinte Tourism Site

Please visit my blog Spring Offerings at Prince Edward County Wineries at the Bay of Quinte Tourism website

The Joys and Heartbreak of 2014 Wassail

Friendship more than wine brought me out to Prince Edward County this Wassail. The news of Richard Karlo’s death last week on November 26 had stunned me and I needed to be with other people who were also saddened by his passing. Saturday was  a raw cold day like the one in 2010 for my first Wassail. That year I’d come as a stranger, this year I came as a friend. Continue reading

Gewurz Eggs – April Wines

Fermentation EggsThis was going to be my April Fool’s Blog about how Gewurztraminer wine is hatched from eggs. I even had a photo to prove it but last week was so frantic I didn’t get it written.

Several Prince Edward County Wineries make surprisingly good Gewurztraminer Lacey Estates, Sugarbush and Lighthal Vineyards leap to mind but really the climate in Niagara and Pelée Island gives their wineries a better chance of getting the full Gevurz flavour right.

The wine: Carlton Vineyard Outlier Gewurztraminer. 2012  $25
This  Showcase wine is called Outlier because it comes from a patch of Gerwurz vines in a section of Carlton Vineyards where it is surrounded by red wine  vines. It picked late in the season at full ripeness. Continue reading